Benjamin Lee (Soul, Korea)

Regular DJ of Tango O Nada and Ataniche in Seoul. 
Invited DJ for many milongas in Seoul (El Bulin, El Tango etc.) 
Invited DJ for tango events and festivals: Seoul Tango Festival, Sydney Tango Festival, Singapore Tango Festival, Saigon Tango Festival, New Orleans Tango Festival, La Esencia Hong Kong Tango Marathon, Taiwan Tango Marathon, La Ideal Bejing Tango Marathon, Suncheon Big Milonga 'Estrellas', Encuentro Milongueros «Mi Noche Milonguera» in Milano(Italy), Tango Ensueño (Carlitos Espinoza & Noelia Hurtado Grand Milonga), El Bulin Milongueando, Andres Laza Moreno & Luciana Arregui Milonga, Todo Tango, Neri Piliu &Yanina Quinones Grand Milonga.

DJ EL MAFIOSO (Sydney, Australia)

With a great knowledge and passion for tango, and collection of many rare and unavailable tracks, El Mafioso offers an unforgettable evening for those who appreciate tango. Anthony-El Mafioso is a principal of Sydney tango school ‘Tango Spirit’ and the resident DJ at Tango Spirit's Milongas Sydney. Has been invited to DJ to many places and festivals around the world: Santiago, Seoul, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai, Buenos Aires, Ljubljana, Istanbul, Lviv. He also runs DJ Classes in Sydney and around the world (
“I loved Tango since I saw my parents dancing it. I am passionate about tango music - in fact I am almost obsessive about the music, and constantly on a never-ending mission for new music for dancers to enjoy.”

Federico Kim (Busan, Korea)

DJing at International Events: Seoul Tango Festival, Taipei Tango Festival, Sydney Tango Salon Festival, Beijing Tango Carnival, San Francisco Tango Marathon, Taipei Tango Weekend, Osaka Oriental Tango Festival... And regular DJing on main milongas of Busan.

Mercury Park (Soul, Korea)

Mercury is one of the first tango DJs in Korea, having started playing music in Seoul back in 2003.

As one of the most experienced tango DJs around, he has DJed in almost every milonga in Korea as well as many of the tango workshops and festivals such as the Opening Milonga of the Seoul Tango Festival in 2010. He also organises two his own milongas in Seoul.

Mercury has been invited to DJ at many top tango events around the world, including the Beijing Tango Festival, Moscow Tango Congress, Porto Encuentro, Taipei Tango Marathon and Vietnam Tango Marathon.

Sergey Orlov (Moscow, Russia)

Worked as a DJ on regular and festivals milongas in Moscow (Bueno Onda, El Calor, El centro, MeGusta, Ideal, Flores de Invierno and others). Sergey is often asked to be DJ at international tango marathons and festivals: Nuestro Tango Weekend 2015-2016 (Vladivostok, Russia), Beijing Tango Festival 2012 (Beijing, China), Shanghai Tango Marathon 2012 (Shanghai, China), Seoul Tango Carnaval 2013 (Seoul, S.Korea), Corriente de Tango Weekend 2017г. (Moscow, Russia), Crimea Tango Marathon - Yalta 2017 (Yalta, Russia), La Cumparsita 2017 and Tangoloji 2017 (Istanbul, Turkey), and also on milongas in Japan, Georgia, Armenia.

Foto by Anya Semeniouk

Alina Shatkovskaya (Moscow, Russia)

Let's get acquainted! My name's Alina and I'm a tango DJ. My motto is to set the dance floor on fire. No, I'd better put it this way: set the DANCE FLOOR ON FIRE!
Briefly about me: I just adore tango music (hardly a surprise, isn't it?); I love the Golden Age of tango, especially the orchestras of D'Arienzo, Laurenz, Troilo, Calo, Tanturi, Pugliese; I stay up to date with modern tendencies (so that I do not miss a new d'Arienzo!); I play four waltzes in a tanda, and I'm sure cortinas are meant to be enjoyed to the full extent (even if it involves some crazy moves). The best reward for me is to see everybody dancing. Dancing - even if they don't feel their legs anymore, even if it's already five in the morning and it's nearly time to get up for work, even if the taxi's been waiting outside for half an hour.
I'm sure that at milongas there should be place for crazy fun, wild dancing in cortinas, romance, fatal passion and even tragedy. But eventually everything turns out to be just fine. With a prospect of a chacarera in the end ;)

International Guests

Sae & Juan Carlos (Tokyo, Japan) 


Sae & Juan Carlos, 2007 Asian Salon Tango Champions and World Salon Tango finalist in 2007 and 2010, are professional dancers and the organizers of Milongas and Tango Events in Tokyo. In 2011, they founded the Traditional Argentine Tango Dance School & Studio Muse in Tokyo. They have taught Tango Salon in several dance Studios, Cultural Institutions and Senior High School in Tokyo. In addition to being invited to teach and promote traditional tango dance all over Japan and Asia. They have performed at many of the most traditional and prestigious milongas in Buenos Aires, and the local milongueros have given them enthusiastic ovation for their outstanding performances. Now their traditional dance style, embodying passion and elegance, is bringing them international praise.

Sergey Podbolotnyy & Elena Sergienko 

(Shanghai, China / Kiev, Ukraine / Moscow, Russia)

Elena Sergienko and Sergey Podbolotnyy are much loved by dancers. They are amazing dancers who have recently joined forces for a busy tour schedule. Since 2017 they work together: they perform and share knowledge with dancers from Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. The main thing in dance for them is contact: with themselves, with each other, with music and ronda.

Elena Sergienko is currently one of the most famous Argentine Tango Dancers in Europe and CIS, highly-demanded teacher of Tango. She dances Argentine tango since 2008, performs and teaches tango in different cities of Turkey, Italy, Latvia, China, Belarus, Ukraine and in dozens cities all across Russia. Important point for Elena in this list is the show at legendary Salon Canning Milonga in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Elena was lucky enough to learn from many wonderful enthusiastic teachers and mentors, but most of the influence to her style of tango brought great teacher of Tango and dancer - Graciela González. Elena runs a website with useful dancing tips.

Sergey is a dancer with more than 11 years experience, a teacher and one of the organizers of the Shanghai International Tango Marathon - one of the major tango events in Asia. He has been dancing tango since 2006, during these years he created his own vision and system of teaching, performed in Australia, China, Korea, Singapore, the winner of the Tango Salon Championship in China (2015).


In one word this couple dancing style can be described as elegant.

Sergey and Anna Sokhnenko (Moscow, Russia)


Sergey and Anna are professional dancers and teachers of tango and the organizers of the Russian Tango Congress. Both studied from the best teachers of dancing, jazz and argentine tango. They consider their tango-teachers: Irina Petrichenko, legendary Carlos & Maria Rivarola, Graciela Gonzales, Raul Bravo, Nito & Elba Garcia, Sebastian Misse & Andrea Reyero, Fernando Galera & Vilma Vega, "Los Totis" Christian Marquez & Virginia Gomez, Natalia Hills & Alejandro Aquino.
They participate in international festivals of tango regularly in Russia and abroad (recently they receive lots of applause in Tokyo and Seoul, earlier in Shanghai, Singapore and Prague). Anna and Sergey dance with legendary dancers and talented modern musicians on one stage taking part in performances, they teach in different regions of Russia and abroad too. And on a constant basis they teach at their own school ”Autentico tango” in Moscow. Main goals for Sergey and Anna are to keep the traditions of classic Argentine tango and to promote then Tango-salon style in Russia.

Yury Shtykin & Natalia Molokova (Moscow, Russia)


Yury Shtykin and Natalia Molokova are instructors at the school of the Argentine tango Elcentro. They started working together in 2016 and have since developed their own style of dancing which stands out for its dynamics, musical and emotional expressiveness, as well as their own teaching approach. “At our lessons we put an emphasis on working with the body to help our students get comfort of movement; and we also pay much attention to the right contact in a pair through a comfortable and live embrace. We are sure that this approach helps the students gain the freedom of movement sooner and feel the pleasure and joy of tango.”

Odile & Jose Luis (Seoul, Korea) 


Odile and Jose Luis A.K.A "MooL" are popular teachers and dancers in Seoul, Korea.

Odile is also a choreographer and the director of Tango shoes Odile.

They have a strong partnership since they started dancing together from 2006 and started teaching and performing from 2009. They learned intesive Tango dance, culture and history from various maestros while they are staying in Buenos Aires from 2011 to 2012, 2015. They are also invited to perform at well known Milongas in Buenos Aires. They are also organizers of Sebastian Misse & Andrea Reyero, Alejandro Aquino & Natalia Hills, Ezequiel Paludi & Geraldin rojas workshop in Seoul.

They learned from many maetros such as Jorge Dispari & Maria del Carmen Romero, Carlos perez & rosa, Gabriel misse & Analia centurion, Andres moreno & Luciana Arruegi and most influenced by Javier Rodriguez & Andrea Misse, Sebastian Misse & Andrea reyero. Odile and Joseluis' dance is based on classic tango with strong connection and classic figure. Natural and elegance is the most important part of their tango

Federico & Selene (Busan, Korea) 


Finalist of Tango World Cup (Mundial de Tango, 2011). From 2014 - Director of El Bulin Busan. Fedrico and Selen are regular Performers at International Events: International Tango Festivals in Seoul, Taipei, Beijing, Sydney, Salta, Valladolid, Osaka.

And also Organizing own Events: Workshops of ‘Andres & Luciana”(2013~2017), “Javier Rodriguez”(2014~2017), “Stella Misse”(2015~2018) in Busan, and Busan Beach Milonga with Busan City Government. 

Anastasia Rotar' (Saint Petersburg, Russia)

Anastasia is keen on Argentine folklore since 2014, studied tango with the best Russian teachers of tango (Polina Sycheva, Viktoria Lizunova, Semeon Kukormin), and also took classes of folklore Argintine culture beams (Emilio Cornejo, Marcelo Varela and Analia Vega, Ramon Salina and Julieta Brenna). Anastasia thinks that folklore is all about us despite the geographical location, she likes the "live dialogue" inside dancing, not showing off one's techniques. She is sure that folklore is disliked only by those who do not know how to dance it.


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